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real estate investor conference Cara Middleton

Cara Middleton is a Michigan native who has traversed the world both as a backpacker and luxury traveler. Cara and her husband, Mark, purchased their first property in 2005—a college rental to off-set college expenses for their oldest son. Later that year, they ventured into the realm of vacation rentals, making a bold investment with the acquisition of a private island in Michigan.


During the Great Recession, they explored various avenues to stay afloat, which led them to manage others' vacation rentals. One property blossomed into managing 130 properties across Michigan, covering both the upper and lower peninsulas. While their primary focus remains on short-term vacation rentals, they also dabble in long-term leases, college rentals, and accommodations for visiting professionals.

FEATURED SESSION SPEAKER: From the Front Lines: Navigating Michigan's Short-Term Rental Landscape

WHEN: Thursday, February 22nd | 10:30am - 12:30pm | River Overlook AB

Join us for a comprehensive session that will be your ultimate guide to establishing a successful short-term rental in the diverse landscape of Michigan. Cara Middleton will walk you through the entire process, from inception to operation, providing insights and strategies tailored to the unique characteristics of different regions within the state. Whether you're considering a lakeside cottage in northern Michigan or an urban loft in Detroit, this session offers a deep dive into the intricacies of short-term rental setup, addressing local regulations, market dynamics, and best practices specific to each area. This session will ensure that you're well-equipped to navigate the path to short-term rental success in Michigan, regardless of your chosen location.


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