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Emotional Support Alligators Are a Thing

So you were surprised by last year’s story of a woman trying to board a plane with her emotional support peacock? Well, meet Wally – the 4.5 foot emotional support alligator.

Apparently, Wally behaves just like a dog, at least according to his owner, Joie. Interestingly Joie also cautioned that you do have to be careful around him because “at any given moment, he could bite your thumb off.” Indeed… We can’t make this stuff up folks. USA Today also pointed out how easy it was to have an animal “certified” as an emotional support animal/critter:

“… Any animal could be an emotional support critter — donkeys, skunks, ferrets, anything. Why not a gator? Joie wondered”

“Pretty much all you have to do to get an animal classified as an emotional support animal is go online and register. No special training is required.”

You can read Wally’s full story here.

Confused about emotional support and service animals? We’ll be joined by Liz Keegan from the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan at our upcoming conference to tackle this topic inside and out.

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