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Midwest Real Estate Investor Conference 2024: A Speaker Lineup That Spells Success!

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of real estate success? Look no further than the Midwest Real Estate Investor Conference 2024, where we're bringing together a powerhouse lineup of experts to share their wealth of knowledge and experience. With a diverse range of speakers, our event promises to be an invaluable resource for both novice and seasoned real estate investors.

Adrian Smude: Tapping into Mobile Home Gold Mines

midwest real estate investor conference 2024 Adrian Smude

Adrian Smude's journey into real estate began with an eviction but ultimately led him to become a passionate landlord and real estate investor. With over a decade of experience, Adrian discovered the untapped potential of mobile homes and is now a leading authority in this niche. He's authored a best-selling book, "How to Buy Mobile Homes," and travels the country sharing his success secrets. Don't miss the chance to learn from his unique perspective.

Jeffrey Taylor, AKA Mr. Landlord: The Landlord Extraordinaire

midwest real estate investor conference 2024 Jeffrey Taylor Mr. Landlord

Jeffrey Taylor, known as Mr. Landlord, is a nationally recognized authority in landlording and property management. With more than two decades of experience managing various rental properties, he's a trusted resource for landlords across the country. As the founder of and author of "The Landlord's Kit," Jeffrey has empowered countless property owners to maximize cash flow and tenant retention.

Jonathan Mast: Leading the Way with AI and Topical Authority

midwest real estate investor conference 2024 Jonathan Mast

Jonathan Mast is a visionary in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and establishing topical authority online. With a background dating back to 1995 in the digital world, Jonathan is passionate about guiding professionals to lead in their niches by becoming undeniable topical authorities. He'll show you how mastering AI tools can elevate your digital presence and efficiency.

Alex Jarbo: BiggerPockets Short-Term Rental Expert

midwest real estate investor conference 2024 Alex Jarbo BiggerPockets

Alex Jarbo, an expert in the short-term rental industry, owns 16 successful properties and leads Open Atlas, a firm dedicated to developing distinctive short-term rentals worldwide. With over 7 years of coaching experience and a readership of over 500,000 people, Alex's expertise is unmatched. Learn from him how to thrive in the short-term rental business.

Anthony Chara: Mastering Commercial Investing

midwest real estate investor conference 2024 Anthony Chara

With over 30 years of experience, Anthony Chara is a seasoned real estate investor who owns and manages over 2,000 apartment units across the country. He offers technical training to real estate investors, focusing on commercial investing and cash flow optimization. Attend his session to learn how to increase cash flow and value for yourself and your investors.

Scott Meyers: The Self-Storage Expert

midwest real estate investor conference 2024 Scott Meyers self-storage

Scott Meyers, a self-storage industry veteran, owns and operates 22 facilities in nine states. With over 4,200 units and 4 million square feet of property experience, he's the nation's leading expert on self-storage investing. Discover the benefits and strategies of investing in self-storage and capitalize on the high demand for these facilities.

Cara Middleton: From College Rentals to Private Islands

midwest real estate investor conference 2024 Cara Middleton

Cara Middleton's real estate journey took her from managing college rentals to acquiring a private island. During the Great Recession, she ventured into managing vacation rentals and expanded her portfolio to 130 properties across Michigan. Her expertise spans various real estate avenues, making her a valuable addition to our speaker lineup.

Unlock Your Path to Real Estate Success at Midwest Real Estate Investor Conference 2024!

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from these seasoned experts at the Midwest Real Estate Investor Conference 2024. Their wealth of experience and knowledge will provide you with the insights and strategies you need to succeed in the real estate industry. Join us for an unforgettable event filled with networking opportunities and transformative information. Grab your ticket now and secure your path to real estate success!


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