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New Startup is Like Airbnb for Hunters & Fishermen

We’ve seen several “Airbnb-like” start-ups in the last few years but none like this one.  Recently we came across a pretty cool short-term rental platform that is geared for hunters & fishermen called Private Acre.  Basically, they facilitate the renting of private land for outdoor pursuits.  Land owners can connect their property to a community of outdoor enthusiasts that will pay to use it, based on the owner’s terms.  In addition, it’s all covered under Private Acre’s $1 million liability insurance.

“With PrivateAcre, you no longer need to know someone who owns land. Now you have access to your own exclusive lake, forest, stream, mountain, beach, and more… Discover and create a personalized experience with over 12 different activities from a growing list of properties available on PrivateAcre.”

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