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SNEAK PEEK: Tom Zeeb - Winning with the Negotiation Stack

Register now to see Tom Zeeb LIVE in Grand Rapids, MI on February 23rd 2023 @ 3:30pm EST: Click here to register!

Tom Zeeb has been an active real estate investor since 2001. He is also a published author and president of the Traction Real Estate Investors Association. Tom teaches across the country to help investors master negotiations.

It’s a super competitive real estate market. You want the best of the best deals. And those who can connect the best with the sellers will get the deals.

Tom Zeeb will help you brush up on your negotiation skills and show you how to connect with those sellers. In his presentation you’ll learn:

• 8 negotiation techniques you can use now

• How (and why) to put negotiation techniques into your own "voice"

• The "flow" of a typical negotiation

• The three categories needed to get the price and terms you want

• Using a straightforward approach to correctly build your business

• How to negotiate deals like a pro (even if the thought of negotiating scares you)

• How to use negotiation for ANY exit strategy (rehabbing, BRRRR, wholesale, commercial, etc.)

• And much more...


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