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real estate investor conference Seamus Nally TurboTenant

Seamus Nally is TurboTenant's CEO and a landlord to several multifamily properties in upstate NY and Colorado. With a foundation in product management, Seamus is a proven builder of not just great products but of great teams. After joining TurboTenant in the Spring of 2020 as Chief Product Officer and COO, Seamus became CEO in 2021. Along with the talented team at TurboTenant, he has transformed TurboTenant into the leading all-in-one platform that empowers landlords to self-manage their rentals with ease and confidence. Seamus' years of property management experience and extensive startup knowledge make him a strong leader of the TurboTenant team as well as an industry trailblazer. When he's not perfecting our landlord platform, prospecting for new properties, or playing pickleball, Seamus is delighting in his two children, Fiona and Fin, alongside his lovely wife, Meaghan.


Join Seamus Nally in this discussion to explore the essential strategies for successfully self-managing rental units. From tenant relations to property maintenance, you'll delve into the practical aspects of running your rentals autonomously and discover the key considerations for a thriving rental property business.


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