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real estate investor conference Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson is the owner and lead stager of Stage Michigan. As certified professional home stagers as well as being certified in short-term rental design, they offer over 30 years of experience in home staging, real estate, and hospitality industries. They strive to create beautiful and memorable spaces that help investors and homeowners scale their properties to the next level for a maximum payout.

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION FACILITATOR: Staging Short-Term Rentals for Maximum Profit

Stephanie is skilled in the art of staging short-term rental properties for maximum appeal and profitability. She possesses a keen eye and creative prowess to transform any space into a magnet for travelers. Stephanie's insights and strategies are sure to elevate your property to new heights. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable tips and tricks from an industry expert and unlock the full potential of your short-term rental investment.


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